2018 Strategic Direction and Action Plan

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Goal 1:  Create and strengthen relationships to promote our mission

Objectives/Action Points:

  • Maintain and enhance our existing Volunteer relationships by:
    • Continue to foster good communication with volunteers, via monthly enewsletter, presentation requests as needed, social media, and beyond
    • Promote our outreach programs to more schools, businesses, and via our safety and transportation partners
    • Host annual recognition event and 10th anniversary celebration to recognize volunteers for their efforts and accomplishments
    • Continue to foster and engage volunteer committee to provide insight, feedback, and recommendations regarding events, fundraising, outreach projects, and the OLAV and volunteer programs
    • Ensure an adequate training schedule and resources for those interested in joining the OLAV program
    • Continue to promote OLAV opportunities through partner organizations, social media, website, etc.
  • Grow and Foster our relationships with Media Partners by:
    • Proactively contact media quarterly or as warranted including when annual FRA data is released and regarding railroad crossing and trespasser safety information including statistics, safety tips, and promotion of our outreach programs
    • Seek outlets which might be willing to play or run OLI’s lineup of ST3 PSAs as a public service
    • Seek assistance from OLAVs to identify reporters or local news outlets who could be targeted to help spread our safety message
    • Invite our media partners to our annual event to recognize them for their efforts and accomplishments in spreading our safety message
  • Continue to strengthen our relationship with the Public by:
    • Work to increase by at least 10% the number of people reached through our presentations and special events in 2018, compared to 2016.
    • Work to increase by at least 10% over 2016 the number of people following and engaging with our social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to engage and expand our audience of our safety message
  • Create and Strengthen Relationships with Strategic Partners by:
    • Continue to seek out relationships with law enforcement, safety stakeholders and related industry partners and trucking or transportation companies for:
      • Volunteers
      • Board or Committee Members
      • Financial support
      • Promotion of Safety Initiatives
    • Work to expand our safety partnerships by at least one new organization
  • Host 10th anniversary annual recognition event to recognize industry and organization partners for their efforts and accomplishments in helping to promote our mission
  • Continue to foster relationships with our existing industry and organization partners through good communication including via our quarterly enewsletter, social media and annual updates
  • Maintain a strong relationship with Operation Lifesaver, Inc. by:
    • Completing the State’s Annual Report
    • Continue to utilize and promote the See Tracks? Think Train! campaign and new PSAs
    • Annually reviewing Operation Lifesaver’s Membership Benefits & Standards
    • Attending Leadership Conference – pending cancelation
    • Cooperating with the transition to the new OLI/State OL websites
    • During U.S. Rail Safety Week (2018 dates TBD), we will participate by using OLI approved materials in advertising opportunities with vendors and partners; holding special events, media, enforcement or training activities; or other public education or outreach events to amplify rail safety messages to new target audiences.
  • Foster a strong relationship with our fellow regional Operation Lifesaver programs by attempting to coordinate a Regional workshop if the Leadership Conference is officially cancelled

Goal 2:  Promote and implement safety initiatives throughout Minnesota

Objectives/Action Points:

  • Continue to identify new methods and outlets through which to deliver our safety message
    • Include our branding where applicable relating to rail safety education in the state of Minnesota
    • Take advantage of innovative or unique marketing campaigns when/where possible
    • Pursue grants, events, and new sources of funding as available and appropriate that will enable us to continue to expand our awareness across the state
    • Utilize new OLI‐created PSA materials, including those aimed at new drivers and materials developed for youth trespass prevention
  • Foster, coordinate and promote safety presentations and awareness events
    • Work with OLAV’s to fulfill as many requests for presentations as possible and encourage them to work within their communities to find more opportunities
    • Encourage and support MNOL’s participation in other community events whenever possible including:
      • US Rail Safety Week if organized again by OLI and other safety partners
      • As possible, plan to participate in community events sponsored by our existing nonprofit/organizational partners like St. Paul Union Depot, Minnesota Transportation Museum, Duluth Depot, and others
  • Participate in events that will help to strengthen relationships and further align ourselves with our safety partners including:
    • Towards Zero Deaths workshops and the Annual Conference
    • Community Safety Camps
    • MnDOT sponsored events and requests
    • MN Council of Nonprofits Annual Conference or other networking events
  • The State Coordinator and OLAV Coaches will ensure that at least three major education, enforcement, Authorized Volunteer classes, or outreach events are held in a county or region of the state with higher numbers of crossing collisions or trespass incidents.

Goal 3: Ensure professional administration of State Program

Objectives/Action Points:

  • Ensure organization oversight is up to date by annually reviewing OLI Membership Standards, current MNOL policies, and insurance policy coverages
  • Further implement best practices for committees, meetings and planning sessions
  • Ensure all current and new Board Members have seen the first 4 nonprofit help modules produced by OLI Legal Counsel Sandy Pfau Englund by 2018 Qrtr 1 Board Meeting
  • Implement an annual work session to set each year’s campaign, priorities, events
  • Secure financial and in-kind resources to fund initiatives
    • Nurture our existing partner relationships through recognition were possible
    • Identify and reach out to new potential partners with a goal of expanding our state’s safety partnerships by at least one new organization.
    • Track measurable data from initiatives for the purpose of reporting our impact on safety in the state of Minnesota to those who support our mission
    • Seek OLI grant funds or other grants and funding opportunities as available during the course of the year to assist in carrying out projects
    • Continue to foster good communication with volunteers, Board members, and organization partners via our quarterly enewsletter, social media and beyond
    • Prioritize projects that “invest” in the organization and our partnership/financial expansion goals
      • Look for ways to facilitate and encourage Board Members engaging in “bridge spanning” activities especially with sponsors or partners
    • Work towards developing a sustainable budget

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